Sweetypic upload instructions...

  For best results please read the following...
  • Talk about yourself and what you are looking for by writing a short description of yourself, your username, your phone number or email, your location. all within 180 chars or less.
  • Choose a font colour that is more visible on the Polaroid frame that you have chosen. See  Examples.
  • Choose a font of your choice. See  Font styles.
  • Enter you email address (Email is how you edit-manage your profile. It must be real).
  • Create a username-title so when people contact you they will refer to you by that name.
  • Choose your sexual preference.
  • Choose your gender (If you are transgender, choose what you are trans to; ex. trans to male choose male or trans to female choose female).
  • Enter your age or enter 00 if you don’t want to give your age.
  • Choose your country, region(state), and city.
  • Choose your profile type. Generous means you pay for dates or you pay them to go out with you (This is mostly a male thing to get females
    but if you want someone to go out with you, pay them!  (Attractive means you get paid for dates or you are attractive enough where people
    will pay you to go out with you. You are claiming you are eye candy or at least good looking enough that others will desire you.
  • Choose! How did you here about us?
  • Set your price of the value of a date with. After contacting this person. If Generous! negotiate until you both agree. If attractive someone
    will pay your price.
  • Enter a number to brighten your photo (0 to 255 [50 to 100 for brighter results, 0 for no effect]): 255 wi11 completely fade out you photo.
  • Choose a Polaroid border style that fits any attribute that makes you more attractive. See  Examples.
  • Upload a photo of yourself.
  • Promote your profile in your favorite social network, email, etc...
  • Daters must have a PayPal account or open one with the email given to be paid by others.
  • Daters are paid directly from customers thru PayPal minus our fee.

  On sweetypic.com Generous men or women compete for your affections.

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